PILING EXPERTS INC provides superior services for executing piling works specializing in foundation engineering, design,  testing, and developing latest techniques in boring and driven piling system. Since our inception, the company has able to address the issue of quality of work it has undertaken and continuously upgrading its services to meet the increasing demands of the clients. 2  



For the past several years in the business, our Management and team have completed multi-million projects with a total number of more than 87,000 piles executed, working hand in hand with the best consultancy company in the world


Equipped with extensive piling equ4ipment, machines, and vastly experienced and dedicated workforce, our company is committed to complete and execute all piling works perfectly aligned to the specifications and on scheduled time, and always assuring that the clients’ requirements are meet satisfactorily.We aim to perform every work safely, ensuring the quality of work and value for your money.

As part of our’s expansion and the desire to extend its services to other countries, we have deploy and develop the most innovative piling/shoring solutions and cutting edge technologies to the market in UAE- Dubai and Asian-Bangladesh and Africa – Nigeria, Congo, Sudan .



As our guiding principle, we understand local markets and adopt an approach that takes into account the management expertise, teamwork and professionalism. It is complemented by the success, strength and experience of our operations .

We believe that we are on the right track to help build our future.
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